I’m Jessica,

A little lady living in the Pittsburgh area. I'm a wife and mama who finds joy and fulfillment in caring for her home, daydreaming about food and spending time with her family. I am a certified Natural Foods Chef, educated in the basics of cooking and holistic nutrition, and cooking for people with special dietary needs. As someone who has suffered from chronic illness, I wholeheartedly believe in the connection between food and healing. I also believe that food should not only be good for you, it should also taste delicious and it wasn’t until after I graduated from culinary school that I became more aware of my identity in cooking. I think of it as simplistic yet layered with flavor, and always made with love!

Besides cooking, my heart is also filled with: Jesus, Michael, Lydia, my family, fried chicken, reading, exercising, quiet mornings, coffee, traveling, classic rock, waffles, anything Jane Austen themed, like-minded people, avocados, strength training, bread, small towns, my bed, the colors turquoise and lavender, photography, pickles, French bulldogs, dry wine…

Wholehearted Indulgences is a place where I can be myself, a somewhat eccentric and overly enthusiastic introverted lady, share personal experiences, things that inspire me and recipes from my kitchen to yours!

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