Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hi, hi, hi!
I’ve noticed how seldom I post on here and how frequent I post new pictures on Photographed Before Eaten. To be honest having two blogs can be a little difficult, and the idea of combining the two blogs seems easier said than done! Perhaps I’m afraid that I’ll have to come up with a new blog name again and “photographed before eaten” is something I am quite fond of [and, pretty darn clever if I do say so myself!] Healthier, Happier, Jeffie on the other hand… The name is cute but as I get closer to my twenties, and am facing new chapters in my life, I figure it’s the appropriate time for a change! As I look back when I first started this blog, I had just been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Honestly so many changes have happened since my diagnosis, and my life has never been the same ever since. I reintroduced seafood into my diet, stopped eating dairy and switched to eating goat’s milk yogurt; which is absolutely amazing, if you haven’t already tried it!

But seriously speaking, I met someone through the internet in mid-December. I know it’s a pretty bold and interesting choice of meeting someone new but hey it’s 2012, and we both got lucky. But like anything else you must take the good with the bad. Because when we started pursuing our relationship, we had to accept the fact that he would only be in Jersey temporarily due to his job. But no, that didn’t stop us from seeing each other! He now lives six hours away, and though it’s been difficult, we’ve been keeping our selves close by seeing each other every two weeks, writing letters, skyping and of course texting throughout the day. I can honestly say that he has brought me back to the things I love, understands me in ways that other people don’t, a believer in Christ, is passionate about food & fitness and makes me giggle so much. It’s only been five months but truly feels like I’ve known him for years, I feel so blessed to have him in my life and know that we won’t be apart for long.

Another change in my life happened in February when I developed avascular necrosis in my left hip. The necrosis depleted my range of motion, forced me to quit my job and caused me to wear crutches for four long weeks. The cause is a still unknown, but my doctor believes it was caused from the steroids I had been on last year. Though the cause of it is unclear the necrosis humbled me because, it forced me to rely on my family to support me and gave me time to think about different things. Because I had more time, I began pursing my passion in cooking and attended an open house for the Natural Gourmet Institute. At the time, I was still on crutches and had just started physical therapy, so the idea of starting a new school seemed pretty out there! But like my relationship with my boyfriend, that did not stop me from going!

In early May I was of my crutches and in June, I completed my physical therapy. I decided to apply for the Natural Gourmet’s July class. Six weeks later? I GOT ACCEPTED! Class starts on July 16th through January 11th 2013 and, I am going to be staying with my grandmother in the Bronx. My grandfather recently passed away which will be not only convenient for me but for her as well. I think staying with her would be a great opportunity for me to encourage her, help her around the house and of course make her some treats!
Now as I finish writing down these different circumstances in my life, I feel like I can embrace the stronger and joyful person I’ve become. In a span of six months I realized how life can be unpredictable with both good and bad surprises. Whether it’s complications in my health, tragedies in my family or the struggles of having a long distance relationship; there’s always a bright side to the story.  My prognosis for remaining positive is accepting these trials as they arise, and most importantly abiding in Christ. He truly makes these situations more bearable, rids me of anxiety and later (sometimes longer than I’d like!) He always proves the reason behind every situation; that in itself is reassuring.
Now that I’ve cleared my head, I’ll think of some new ideas for the blog!
With love,

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