Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Home

I decided to relocate my thoughts once again. Though, this time I am not sure if I want to broadcast them right away. I definitely love the minimalistic layouts that blogger provides over the fancy ones at wordpress! I also love that I can use my google account through blogger. Makes life easier, if you ask me. I probably have like 10 or more blogs that I started and just kind of grew out of; which is very similar to the 100+ diaries I started writing in but never seemed to finish.  But I guess that's just how I roll. Start one thing and maybe finish someday.

I guess as time passes I change little parts of myself. And, for the most part I'm okay with those changes. I like to think of them as wisdom kicking in. I'm not entirely sure what I'm talking about, I think I'm pretty good at rambling to make it look like this is a very intelligent post. Clearly, it's not! So I think I'm going to cut this short but saying I'll be back for more to say. Hopefully it will make more sense than this!


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