Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pizza I love you

I've always been a huge fan of pizza and always took it pretty seriously. Pizza is one of those simple comfort foods that are either hit or miss. For me the crust has to be thin and crispy but still have some bubbles, the cheese has to be fully melted and the sauce better not be too salty! The bad news is I can't eat traditional pizza anymore due to lactose intolerance and the grease messes with my tummy in more ways than one… No hard feelings to vegans but I’ve had my share of vegan pizzas and could not get over the funky taste of the vegan cheese alternatives. Sure they melted well, but they were incredibly hard to like and looked + tasted a bit artificial. After failing to love the vegan cheese options I gave up on pizza for a while and didn't think a pizza without cheese would be something I could accept.

But then it hit me, goat cheese is real cheese and it melts too! At the time I had been eating a little goat dairy every now and then because it didn't bother my stomach. It's known to be more tolerable for those with lactose intolerance and comes in butter, hard and soft cheeses, yogurts and milk. (I can write for days how many recipes I've revised with goat dairy but, I will keep it short and keep my focus on pizza!) I don't remember my first experience eating goat cheese pizza but I just remember Michael being with me and we both found it to be the best thing ever. With that said we made our share of hearty tortilla pizza's which consisted of homemade sauce, lentils, goat cheese and basil. We also made a hummus and goat cheese pizza which tasted smashing, and once we open up a cafĂ© we want to have a tortilla pizza menu.  A few nights ago we made a real winner; the crust we used isn't homemade or a tortilla, it was this brand which I really love. The crust added a real nice crunch, sauce added smoothness, the duck bacon added umami and the basil added color and a nice spicy and sweet flavor. It was my first time trying duck bacon and I was pleasantly surprised by its deliciousness!

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