Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Last week in New Jersey

Pittsburgh back in 2012 when I first visited. Such a beautiful city!

It's crazy to think that the day Michael and I officially move to Pennsylvania is practically here! We’ll be on our way to Evan City this Friday, and this time we won’t just be visiting his parents but will be going home. The whole month of February consisted of us packing up, and last weekend we were able to move a good chunk of stuff to my in-laws basement where we will be living in until we get our own house. Besides lots of packing, our moving process has been going smoothly and once we get settled we plan on getting preapproved for our first home! We’re praying that we can find a house that is close to Michael’s job, near his parents and church, and of course it must have a magnificent kitchen.  Because things are happening fast, reality is beginning to sink in for me and I’m so excited to start this new chapter with Michael.

I have to admit though with all this excitement comes a little fear. I don’t think of myself as someone who is attached to things but when it comes to my family and church, I find myself sad to leave them behind. The other day I started to anticipate the reality of living somewhere new and not knowing anyone which scared me. The small worries somehow overshadowed the good excitement I was experiencing, and sure enough I began to feel anxious. Anxiety happens to be the thorn on my side, and has been problematic in the past but lately it doesn’t last long. Overcoming it has been a working process, but the good news is that I am feeling better about the move and even more so after I prayed, and talked to Michael about it. I notice that whenever I have anxiety filled days, I just need a day to calm down and remember that the negative feelings will pass just as they always do. Because feelings are temporary, and when things seem unstable I need to remember God’s unchanging love and mercy. His presence in my life is what makes me more peaceful, calm and a better wife!

Now that the excitement of moving is kicking back into gear, I am looking forward to all the joys that will come my way. You know like living close to Pittsburgh, spending more time with my in-laws, making new friends, finding a church, accomplishing goals and eventually becoming a homeowner. Another joy would be Michael and I deciding to add a new addition to our family. A puppy! We think the puppy will teach us responsibility for a future baby and that her company throughout the day will help make the moving transition easier on me. I have been contacting a breeder and if things work out we should have her by the beginning of April. We’re so excited to meet her and promise to share more about the puppy in late March so stay tuned!


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