Friday, February 27, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 37 weeks !

I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I last updated, where the heck does time go? I know my last post was pregnancy related and I’m sorry for the redundancy, I just wanted to do one more update before Lydia is here! Today I am 37 weeks and 2 days, and right now I’m feeling comfortable and at peace with everything that’s been going on with my body. Days tend to drag longer due to discomfort; especially in my hips, pelvis and back. And unfortunately I tested positive for GBS which means I'll need to get antibiotics through an IV during my labor and delivery. I am praying that my water will break after I go into labor, so I can enjoy early labor at home and avoid further medical interventions. People keep asking Michael and I about the nursery, and all I can say is we have a crib, it's assembled and so is the changing table. Painting the room will come later. Our main focus was finishing up our bedroom since Lydia will spend a few months with us in this co-sleeper bassinet; then we will transition her into the smaller bedroom with her crib.

Without further ado, here's the latest!

How far along: 37 weeks!

Gender: Still a girl :) 
Total weight gain:  30+ pounds which was suggested by my midwife. It sounds like a lot but I feel it more in the front (although my mom says I have a big butt now) which explains why I've been getting reoccurring back pain. Ouch!
Maternity Clothes:  Still been wearing the same two maternity jeans and a few shirts; but lately I've been most comfortable in non-maternity joggers, sweat pants and of course leggings!
Sleep: Surprisingly better; yay! Michael finished painting our bedroom and put back all the molding (I’ll post pictures once all our furniture is back!) so we are back in our comfy bed.
Miss Anything: Exercising! I still can manage four days but the exercises are much lower intensity than they were a few weeks ago. I’m listening to my body though and make daily stretching a priority.
Cravings: Right now I could go for a juicy burger right off the grill… I can’t wait until the warm weather. I still love my popcorn, but not so much eggs!
Symptoms: Where do I start? Just kidding, it’s not that bad but I often get pain in my hips, pelvis and a dull feeling in my spine. This artic weather is no help… But other than that things have been A-okay!
Belly Button in or out: It’s still a cinnamon bun!

Mood: Happy.
Best Moment this week: Going to small group yesterday and having a surprise mini baby shower thrown to celebrate baby Lydia! The people in our small group have been such an encouragement to us through this exciting time.  :)
Looking forward to: More childbirth classes! We started a couple weeks ago, and it’s been a fun time of learning and relaxing. And of course Lydia’s arrival! Less than three weeks to go; if she decides to come on time of course…

 Still the same as before but lower intensity. I notice that my body feels better when I spend less time on the intense stuff and more time on stretching so that’s where I am right now.

On My Mind: I guess I’ve been thinking about labor and how everything will go down. I can’t really picture what will happen but pray that it loosely follows my birth plan, that my labor can come together naturally without the need of an induction and that Lydia and I are healthy when everything is happening. It’s all in God’s hands! Spring has been on my mind a lot too. Lydia will be here, the weather will be less evil and I can go for walks with her in the stroller.
That’s all I got. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

xo, Jessica

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