Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Love!

Just a few things I’ve been loving these days:

one // First things first, this weather is spectacular! Sure there’s been rainy days this week but it has been much warmer lately and am happy that summer is around the corner.

two // This post on respecting your body’s natural size. I found it to be such a positive, spot on and well written piece! I know I have moments where I’m feeling self-conscious with my body, and this post is all about giving yourself a break and to letting go of numbers on the scale. I loved it.

three // FitnessBlender’s FBooty Round 2. I just completed week 1! Much like the first round, this program combines pilates, HIIT, and lower body strength workouts with extra credit for a burnout round. It’s been challenging but so much fun. My goal is to strengthen my lower body and improve my balance and flexibility as well!

four// Adding a shot of espresso to my morning smoothie this week. I’ve been seeing it around the web for a few months now and finally did it! I will be posting a recipe in the near future:)

five // Buttermilk. I know it’s nothing new under the sun but I recently reintroduced some dairy into my diet, and it’s become essential for my fried chicken brine, cake and waffle batters! I've also been using any leftover buttermilk in smoothies and overnight oatmeal. From now on (unless I’m cooking for someone with dairy allergies), I will probably stop making buttermilk substitutes by curdling milk with lemon or vinegar. It just isn't the same!

six // This black "coconut ash" ice cream. I wouldn't say I love it because I haven't tried it but it intrigues me immensely. It's coconut flavored and has activated charcoal in it. Hmmm thoughts? 

seven // Last but certainly not least, my new cacti family. They were a Mother’s day present from Michael:) Phoebe resides in the kitchen while Georgie hangs out in the living room. Aren't they cute?

That's all I got today, have a beautiful long weekend!

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