Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unintentional Break, but I'm Back!

I guess I unintentionally took a break from here! To be honest the time away wasn't that well spent, as I was feeling overwhelmed and my motivation was scarce. I wanted to create but felt like my outlet was being blocked by my lack of inspiration and that wasn't a good feeling. Part of my lack inspiration came with how was feeling on the inside. I was experiencing on going tightness in my neck and shoulder which seemed to be at its worst. It developed into a dull pain every time I lifted my shoulder up and down. I was feeling so out of wack and needed time to work on feeling better.

So I've been praying, stretching and I contacted my doctor last week and was given a small dosage of steroids for a few days. (I was a little reluctant at first but the pros outweighed the cons, I just needed the relief) The pain I was experiencing gradually decreased and the tightness I was feeling on and off for the past several months reduced as well. Though I may still have a few knots in my shoulders, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable and less physically burdened.

And now that I'm feeling better physically, I will focus more time on getting back on track with creating more content on here and hopefully stay motivated!

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