Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Love! {8.5.2016}

Hey guys! This week has been so much less overwhelming than last week, I have been feeling more myself and been quite inspired too. So here’s a little roundup of things I’m loving these days...

one // Having a date night last week! Michael and I went into the city for dinner and drinks. We went to Seviche for a few tapas and walked across the Roberto Clemente bridge to a beer bar, and shared 2 flights. I’m not typically a beer person but I found a couple that were pretty refreshing on such a humid evening!

two // Tahini swirled into my yogurt. The tahini thickens and gives the yogurt such a richness, making it taste a bit decadent! Sometimes I’ll add honey to offset the bitterness of the tahini but now not so much, I don't really mind it! I’ve been doing this for a few months now and it made me think of a cool post. What if I shared other unconventional ways to use tahini that go beyond hummus? Hmm *thinking emoji*

three // These “mom” shorts. They are on my wishlist of things to buy before summer ends! I only have two shorts that fit appropriately thanks to squats...  I like that they’re high waisted and aren't too short. 

four // Instagram stories! At first I was a little skeptical because it mirrored Snapchat and I didn't think that was cool of Instagram. However, I’m actually finding myself using it, and might even try cooking tutorials! Like most people, I'm digging the convenience of it being all in one app! To be honest, I never really gave Snapchat a time of day, just know that, Lydia and I will miss the funny filters. Womp, womp.

five // Our CSA goodies this week; we got a watermelon and more green beans this week, a CSA favorite of mine! I also bought some peaches at the farm when I picked up my bag.  I just couldn’t resist! I’m thinking Lydia and I will probably eat some as is, and I'll save some for peach pie bars and maybe these wine slushies :)

six // This photo of Lydia begging for some yucca fries! It isn't the first time she's done this either, I've got quite the collection of pictures to prove it. My sister insists I share a post dedicated to these moments, and I just might!

And that’s all I got this week, until next week my friends!

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