Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pregnancy update: 17 weeks in!


I don’t know about you but when the winter months linger, feel less motivated and rather stay indoors. So, I am happy that the weather is finally warming up and that I can go outside! With my last pregnancy, I was my most pregnant in the winter, and was always warm. This pregnancy I will be in my third trimester in the summertime, and as much as I love warm weather I'm afraid I'll not only be a walking inferno but that I will swell like mad! My plans are to stay hydrated, keep active, and eat lots of pineapple. The last one is mostly because pineapple always tastes better when I'm pregnant!

Speaking of food, I'm really into savory/umami rich foods, and before you guys say "you're having a boy!" (although I might, we don't know yet), I craved the very same flavor profiles with Lydia. Here's what my favorite things are: eggs, burgers, Asian food, bacon, french fries/potato chips, and cheese. I don't eat these foods all the time but will indulge in them every now and then. As far as food aversions, I was initially nauseated by coffee, smoothies, chocolate, yogurt and anything too sweet. It wasn't until the end of my first trimester that I was able to enjoy my morning coffee and those breakfast smoothies again! I'm still not as drawn to sweets as I was pre-pregnancy but when paired with saltiness, (hello, salted caramel ice cream and salted chocolate chip cookies!) I'm interested.

I am trying my best to stay active and maintain my endurance/strength throughout this pregnancy too. I have been successful with exercising 4-5 times a week and have been combining the Fitness Blender workouts (modifying when necessary) with lower impact prenatal routines in the mix, pilates, and of course making time for long relaxing stretches.

Going through this pregnancy-shin-dig again, I have to say the second trimester is the best out of the three and I'm going to indulge in these next couple of months! I thought it would be fun to end this post with the good old pregnancy questionnaire to any questions that weren't covered.

How far along: 18 weeks on Thursday!

Gender: Hopefully we'll know by May! Everyone keeps saying it's a boy though.
Total weight gain:  10 pounds. I notice that I always get curvier in my pregnancies, and I suppose it’s not much to complain about, just can be awkward at times and sometimes complicates picking modest clothing to wear. The other day Lydia ran into my butt and she fell over. She was okay!
Maternity Clothes: Maternity jeans! I think I gave up on my regular jeans around week 10 *sigh* I invested in a couple of asos petite maternity jeans and I love them! Denim shorts from Old Navy, and I also bought a couple of maternity shirts from H&M. And of course all the clothes I had from my previous pregnancy. 
Sleep: Good so far :)
Miss Anything: Don't judge me, but occasionally I crave a glass of wine, specifically red wine, and I normally drink white wine. Odd! 
Cravings: Juicy burgers, blts, grilled cheeses, Japanese food, and again, potatoes (fried, roasted and in the form of chips.) Oh, and pineapple and fresh lemonade!
Symptoms: Sometimes I get a little dizzy and lightheaded.  
Belly Button in or out: In.

Mood: Right now I'm tired mostly because my allergies are little haywire due to the weather... 
Best Moment this week: Finally having Spring weather and going on a walk with Michael, Zoe and Lydia this weekend. 
Looking forward to: Easter Sunday and seeing family!

 I explained this in detail earlier but I've been doing a combination of cardio, strength training, pilates and barre, and lots of stretching 4-5 times a week; I take off Saturdays and Sundays. 
On My Mind: I feel like I'm not as obsessed with all things pregnancy this time around. (I guess because I have been through all of this before!) I'm enjoying this time with Lydia and making sure she has what she needs. She keeps my hands full! I'm mostly looking forward to the aftermath of this pregnancy and bringing home our sweet little baby! 

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