Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pregnancy Update: 27 weeks

A long awaited update for you guys! So far nothing different has happened since I last posted about the baby, except that we found out we're having a boy and that this pregnancy has been going by so quickly! Michael told me he was initially nervous about having a son because everything will be new again but I think now that we get closer to his arrival, we are becoming more excited! I feel blessed that we get to experience the joy of not only having a daughter but also having a son. I think Lydia will love having a little brother to play with and hopefully grow to love! 

It's been 10 weeks since my last update so here's another one of those simple questionnaires...

How far along: 28 weeks on Thursday :o

Gender: We are having a boy!!

Total weight gain:  Around 12 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I can’t get enough of my denim maternity shorts, I also tend to wear roomy knit shorts when I am at home though. I like the fit of maternity tees so I have a few new ones that I bought this time around and also a pretty dress from Old Navy.

Sleep: So far okay.. I do tend to sleep in a little more but I blame that on Michael since he's been sleeping in now that he works from home permanently! Haha

Miss Anything: My summer wardrobe. I mean, I can still wear a lot of my dresses but all my shorts (except the maternity and linen) are off limits! And a handful of my blouses/shirts are too short.. Also margaritas :)

Cravings: Salty chocolate chip cookies, fried or roasted potatoes, sushi and blts!

Symptoms: I get tired after I eat and sometimes pelvic cramps when I walk long distances, and still tired at times.

Belly Button in or out: In.

Mood: I have been happy though feel down some days. I think it's definitely a combination of the hormones and being tired all the time. 

It really depends on how I'm feeling. Most weeks I've been still working out five days a week and sometimes I'm happy with just working out four days a week. I try to focus mostly on toning, low impact cardio, and indulging in longer stretches after I'm finished working out!

Best Moment this week: Having Lydia's bedtime finished last weekend, seeing family on Father's day and going for a walk tonight with Michael and Lydia. 

Looking forward to: Ah, the rest of this month should be fun, and my parents are coming on the 30th for fourth of July so that will be nice!

On My Mind: Ah, the glucose tolerance test this weekend.  I did fine when I was pregnancy with Lydia but for some reason I always get a little anxiety with tests such as these. And I'm also thinking about how fast everything seems to be moving along this time around.. This week I'll be entering my 3rd trimester!!

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