Wednesday, May 22, 2013

food diaries and self-written tips

Yesterday I noticed something unusual about myself. I’ve been in a rut with my eating habits and have noticed that the food I'm eating is making me more tired and down right “meh”. Saturday I felt bloated after eating a grilled goat cheese sandwich! I normally feel fine if I give into my cravings every now and then, but I’ve been giving in to them too often. I’ll admit I haven’t been eating enough whole foods and have been snacking on cereal almost every night. It sounds harmless but let me tell you I don’t like how it’s making me feel. It’s possible that I am not eating enough throughout the day which is making me crave carbs hardcore! There’s also the possibility that I am eating a lot of unnecessary foods throughout the day such as sweets, two cups of coffee with soy milk and too much bread…

Here are some ideas I can try:

1. Firstly, try getting enough sleep!

2. Limit wheat to once a day. I notice I feel better when I eat salads loaded with veggies, healthy fat and high in protein with maybe a sweet potato or an apple, I feel a lot less lethargic than eating a pb&j sandwich!

3. Limit coffee with soy milk to once day.

4. Limit sugar intake. (If this means limiting my baking to the weekend then so be it!)

5. Incorporating more foods containing probiotics such as goat yogurt, kimchi and kombucha tea.

6. Drinking A LOT more water throughout the day.

7. Eating a snack in between my breakfast like old times, especially if I work out a little after breakfast time.

8. Include more seasonal veggies into all of my meals. If I don’t eat any for breakfast maybe have some as a part of my post workout snack.

9. Eat whole foods that I know will benefit and satiate me.

10. Take more time to be a little more creative in the kitchen to avoid any future ruts! For example, making a pot of quinoa, chickpeas and/or roasting sweet potatoes the night before for future energy boosting lunches.

11. Lastly, ask myself if I really need to eat a bowl of cereal at 10:06pm. Really Jessica?

I’ll write an update about how I’m feeling and if these self-written tips lift up my energy and help make eating an adventure for me again!


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