Monday, May 20, 2013

it's monday and things are starting to fall into place!

These past two weekends have been pretty busy and pleasantly productive! I baked three different dessert breads on Friday morning: marble pound cake, banana nut bread and coconut bread. I baked them as favors for Michael and I's engagement party. My parents threw us an engagement party on Saturday at a local Portuguese restaurant last weekend, and we both had an awesome time! The highlight of the evening was hearing our parents share their views of our relationship and a fond memory they had of us. We also enjoyed eating, mingling with our family and playing fun “ice breaker” games. I feel really blessed and relieved that our families get along so well, and am excited to gain awesome family members. After the party we played pool which I failed miserably at, and then on Sunday went to church followed by fish tacos and chicken fajitas back at the house. It was good times! Over the week, I got my internship situated and start on June 3rd! Michael and I also booked our flights to California and plan on staying at a private home through AirBnB for our honeymoon. SO EXCITING!

playing around with different table settings at the rental place.
Moving onto this weekend on Saturday we went to Pennsylvania to pick out chairs, tables, linens, silverware, napkins, etc. for the wedding. Michael and I made sure we picked things we both liked and definitely were satisfied with what we came up with. It’s great because Michael is really hands on with our wedding which makes the decision making so much easier! We’re currently waiting to hear how much everything is going to cost, but we’re not too scared since we make a budget in the beginning of our planning. And on Sunday we nearly finished writing addresses for our save the dates but aren't sending them out til we finish our website. I am proud to say we're almost done with the site! We just have to finish a few more sections and of course check for grammatical errors, because those always seem to creep up on me especially! Now back to the old grind ;)


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