Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding Daydreams

Michael and I are getting married on November 2nd of this year and each time I remember that, I can't help but feel incredibly fuzzy inside! There's a lot of things I could say about how excited we are but words can't even describe it. The truth is Michael is my world, best friend and has been such an undeserving gift from God. I wouldn't change a thing about him. When he proposed to me, I was so joyful and I totally made a wedding Pinterest board that following week... I mean I always secretly loved wedding magazines and shows, and often used the excuse that I was doing looking/watching them for Aria. Side note// In case you didn't know, my older sister Aria is getting married on August 16th, and we are each others maids of honors! I'm sure you would get a headache from listening to all the wedding speak that's discussed in my house. It may be a bit hectic for my parents but they couldn't be happier for us both.

As for as my own wedding planning goes, I wouldn't classify myself as the little girl who daydreamed of her wedding. But I will admit that my daydreams hit an all time high shortly after Michael proposed! I believe weddings should represent who the couple is, having a wonderful time with your guests and not so much what the trendy thing to do is. Fortunately Michael and I have been in synch with our planning, and together we've been staying true to a romantic but quirky, rustic and vintage inspired theme. It'll be an effortlessly elegant affair colored with earthy tones, purple and burnt orange. There will also be games, personal touches, our own playlist and delicious + seasonal food. So far everything is coming together beautifully, our website is complete and we are officially honeymooning in Cazadero, California! What's left over is our invitations and a few d.i.y. projects here and there, which may or not be a lot of work, though we're blessed to have plenty of assistance. All and all our planning has been going smoothly, so smooth that we'll be able to enjoy our summer with ease. Which makes me happy! :)

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  1. Wishing you a very happy wedded life filled with love! :)