Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Honeymoon is Over


If you’re thinking this is going to be a depressing post then you are wrong! While our wedding and honeymoon are over, Michael and I are finally married and are learning to live with one another. Yesterday was like any other ordinary day for me: grocery store, planning dinner and doing laundry. The only difference was I wasn’t in my parents’ house, I was in Michael and I’s apartment and I was doing his laundry. That was the only “new” thing for me and it was pretty mundane but at the same time peaceful. It’s funny because before we got married I already loved taking care of things around the home. I didn’t necessary cultivate a love for cleaning which is something that I am slowly understanding with my new home as a married woman! I want our home to smell nice, look inviting and for people to feel comfortable; even if it’s our temporary home, it should say “hi, come on in!”  Just some thoughts, I suppose but I guess I should be telling you a little bit about our wedding day and how beautiful it turned out for us. 

The day started off to be cloudy and cooler but when we got Mountain Lakes House it began clearing and warming up. This was a huge blessing and definitely God answering my copious prayers for no rain and sunshine! I have to say, it was probably the sunniest and prettiest autumn day we had in weeks and it just so happened to be our wedding day. God is good, period.

 Anyway, the butterflies didn’t sink in until I got to see Michael before the ceremony. Well, feel Michael. We were both blindfolded because I didn’t want to break a tradition but I wanted to give him a pocket watch I had engraved for him. Michael told me later on that it was the watch that completed his wonderfully handsome outfit. When I gave him his gift I could feel him trembling and I just about lost it! He was so sweet and adorable as always. It was that moment that I realized I was marrying my best friend and I couldn’t wait to meet him by the gorgeous arbor his dad had built for us. I didn’t think walking down the aisle would affect me as much as it did. Michael’s reaction really touched my heart, I felt like I could cry but somehow I managed to hold it all in and was just extremely happy that the day had finally came! 

Our ceremony was meaningful and encouraging. It’s pretty cool because we were the first couple our officiant had ever married and he did such a lovely job! We did communion together and planted a unity tree combining the dirt from his parents and my parent’s backyards. After our first kiss the song “Good Day Sunshine” began playing by The Beatles, I couldn’t be happier and also relieved. I was relieved because one of my biggest worries was not having a DJ but again God blessed our day with people who helped us with our music throughout the day! After pictures another worry was screwing up our choreographed first dance which ended up happening so fast that I can’t even remember if I messed anything up! We did the fox trot to “Hard to Concentrate” by The Red Hot Chili peppers and taken five lessons prior to the wedding. We probably improvised a couple times but everyone responded so kindly and rooted for us throughout the dance which made it relaxing. The next dances with my dad and Michael with his mom were sentimental and endearing, at least I felt that way as I watched him and his mom. The next sentimental portion of our wedding (there were a lot of touching moments that day!) was my sister and Michael’s brothers’ speeches. My grandfather getting emotional was another moment that was unexpected but beautiful to see. I know that it means so much to him that both his granddaughters are now married to incredible husbands. 

At most weddings I’ve been to the party starts from the music but I noticed people were just happy to socialize with each other while our photographer captured their smiling faces and of course have fun in the slow motion booth! It’s funny because Michael and I didn’t even think to hire a videographer but later on in our planning realized how important it would be to have the most important day of our lives recorded. So, we asked someone who I knew from church and he was so kind to bless us both with an incredible deal and also a slow motion booth. I hadn’t even heard of a slow motion booth until our meeting with the videographer and we knew that we had to have it! 

Last but not least the food fit perfectly with our rustic but elegant wedding. Early in our planning we decided on chicken, salmon and a delicious but sophisticated eggplant napoleon as the vegetarian option for our menu. We used Emily’s Café and Catering and they not only provided phenomenal food but kind service and helped set up our table settings.  For dessert a family friend of Michael’s parents made us a vegan carrot and pumpkin naked layered wedding cake, and friends provided other delicious sweet treats.

Quite honestly I couldn’t be happier with how relaxed everything was and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Michael even admits that we had the perfect wedding and we both wish we could revisit that day! All the hard work truly paid off and I am so happy to be finally married. In case you’re wondering we had a blast on our honeymoon and found it to be the most peaceful experience of our lives. Northern California is the epitome of easy-going, quite and relaxing! Well, that’s all I got today.


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