Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy, happy October!

It’s amazing how fast time passes. I turned twenty-one last Friday, and spent the evening with my sibz and Michael. We went to a local seafood restaurant with delicious buffalo scallops! They had a crust that mimicked Buffalo wings but were scallops, it was perfect and the scallops were on a bed of mixed greens with bleu cheese and a balsamic drizzle. Some crab cakes with corn. Very naaice. I ordered a whole red snapper which was alright, but I probably wouldn’t order it again… They ran out of the whole branzino which I was really looking forward to eating. I did love the lemon potato wedges that accompanied the fish though! After eating we went to Karaoke Duet on 48th street where we sang screamed our hearts out. I loved that we had our own private room to sing and be silly. It was so much fun! Once our two hours of singing I was already super tired, and we decided to go to a club which we only stayed at for half an hour. All and all I thoroughly enjoyed my 21st with my favorite people. 

Eep, and now it’s October which reminds me of how I need to be more diligent with the wedding planning… Michael and I only have one month to go, which is four weeks but in reality we only have three weeks to complete all the little details. Because the last thing we need is stress the week of our wedding! There are plenty of different duties we have that we couldn’t touch bases on until the month before the wedding. Such as getting our marriage license, making setting arrangements/escort cards, finalizing the menu and dress fittings and of course writing our vows.

We decided early on that we were going to recite our vows privately after our ceremony. It’ll be a good opportunity to spend 10 minutes alone before the reception aka being swarmed by people congratulating us; it will also be a special time to breathe and soak in that we’re finally officially married. We also decided that we are not seeing each other before the ceremony because we want to be surprised and full of suspense! Michael and I decided early on that we wanted our wedding to represent our relationship which we like to believe is inspirational, personal and incredibly quirky. Our ideal weather is lots of sun but to still have crisp and brisk autumn air. So far the forecast is cooperating! 

Anyway, I must continue working on our wedding timeline and some other details. Bye!

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