Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Goals

Hey. It’s the start of the new year and also the time I usually start mapping out realistic yet challenging goals to accomplish within the next twelve months. And I am sure you all do the same! It’s a wonderful thing because even if I didn’t get around to all my goals, I’m given another year to start again. Making goals for myself not only makes me feel motivated, it also gives me an excuse to get out of a slump in the dead of winter. And because I’m starting this year as married lady, I’m more inspired to grow not only as a person but as a wife. The goals I have for 2014 are very much cohesive with the events that happened in 2013 and even 2012. For instance last year three life changing events happened to me which impacted the person I am today. 1) Putting an end to my avascular necrosis by getting both of my hips replaced. 2) Getting engaged to Michael. 3) Marrying Michael on a warm November day!

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Back in April 2012 when the avascular necrosis was starting to take its toll on me.
Despite my condition Michael and I enjoyed exploring different places with each other!

From late 2011 to early 2013, I suffered from Avascular Necrosis which restricted me from walking and leading a normal life. I think it’s a miracle that I finished and graduated from Natural Gourmet because my left hip had completely collapsed and my right side was on its way to collapsing. I had a terrible limp and genuinely missed holding Michael’s hand while we walked, (I was on crutches) and exercising. To make a long story short I was disabled and needed a hip replacement, and as terrifying as it was for me I decided to have both hips replaced at the same time. The biggest goal for me in 2013 was to be able to walk again without a limp, complete my internship at Good Karma and get back into exercising. I accomplished all three! I want to get on the next level with my physical capacities such as increasing my strength, stamina and flexibility through challenging but fun activities. This can come from exercising, hiking, traveling and eventually having children. I want to make the best of my new hips! 

Now that Michael and I are finally married, and the new year is here our moving date is getting closer and closer.  I’ll admit the thought of moving to Western Pennsylvania (six hours from home!) scared me a little because I would far from my family and familiar faces and places. But then I remembered that as a wife I need to sacrifice for my spouse, and to be faithful to my husband by following him wherever he leads us. Michael has sacrificed so much to live closer to me during our engagement. Heck, the man makes sacrifices for me daily! Let's face it, New Brunswick NJ is not his homeland and I respect that. So when we move it will be my turn to sacrifice my comfort for the sake of my husbands and to support him 100% along the way. With that said my second goal is to stop complainin', support Michael and to favor his needs before my own. Just to set the record straight, I am very content with our decision to move and know Michael is here to support my needs as well. 

Okay… now here are other goals I came up with:

3. Spend more time with God. 
I want to spend more time with God through prayer and scripture under any circumstance I am facing; whether I'm having the best day ever or am feeling sick, I want to always be in contact with Him daily. I also want to pray more openly freely around my husband and other believers without any anxiety or hesitation. With that being said my goal here is to spend more time God and to be freer and more open about my relationship with Him.

4.  Officially start my online cooking + baking business. I have this big and undying dream of opening a small but cozy café that caters to people of all sorts! I see it being a no frill place that serves wholesome and delicious food with an occasional Puerto Rican flare. Because this is such a steep dream, Michael and I will start small by opening an online business that offers cookies and other sweet treats. It will allow me the time to take classes, get more experience in cooking and baking and to become more educated on opening a business. 

5. Stop being so hard on myself and getting caught up in what people think of me. Besides relying on coffee every morning my biggest vice is being super hard on myself.  I don’t know where it started but from the time I was little I’ve always had very low expectations of myself, and often worried about what others thought of me. It seems silly and pathetic but I sometimes fear sounding and looking stupid around people I've just met. Unfortunately this fear has made making friends a difficult endeavor and will definitely be a hindrance in having a successful business. My goal is to improve the way I view myself, stop taking myself so seriously and improve the areas where I lack in. 

6. Expand my vocabulary and maybe just maybe be able to finish a good amount of books too. 

7. Cook seasonally, deliciously and enthusiastically. I'd really like to accomplish this goal because it'll inspire me to become a better cook and not to get into as many food ruts. This doesn't mean I won't fall back onto any staples (falafel wraps, homemade pizza, lentil soup and rice & beans) but it's important to cook and eat produce that's supposed to be eaten in the winter, spring, summer and fall! I also want to educate myself on the foods I am cooking by learning their origins and medicinal benefits. 

Lastly, I want to get more organized, waste less food, spend more time with family and friends and start writing more on this blog. I think I'm capable of accomplishing these goals and will end this post by saying Happy New Year!


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