Thursday, May 8, 2014

Replacing the blues with joyfulness

chocolate chip peanut butter cookie bites :)

These past few weeks have been filled with more thinking and feeling than writing and reflecting. To be honest, moving away from my family hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be and a lot of me had been feeling blue. I felt the bluest on Easter because every year I would spend it with my immediate family in Jersey, and not having them around was unusual. Then I began feeling guilty because I felt homesick, and I was surrounded by my in-laws and just wanted to enjoy these new memories with them. The day after, I began to pray about it and decided I would flip my perspective and choose to find joy in my environment. Interestingly enough this little exercise helped because I am beginning to feel less anxious and homesick. I need to try to love Pennsylvania, accept my new home, support Michael with all my heart and be more involved with my in-laws. Because this is where I live now and these people are my family who I love! My mission is to be joyful, content and more grateful with what's in front in of me. I am also taking a yummy mango peach flavored fish oil supplement to help improve my mood as well. It tastes excellent in my breakfast smoothies! ;) 

While I still miss my parents immensely, it helps knowing I'm seeing them in a few days!! They’re going to be driving over here this Saturday and will be staying until Wednesday. I am excited to see my mom on mother’s day, and show my parents where Michael and I have been going to church, and taking them to Pittsburgh during the week. Other exciting news it that Michael and I will be homeowners within three weeks! It just so happens the home we will be moving into is the third home we placed an offer on; third times the charm, eh? I am beyond relieved that we won't have to look at anymore houses, and knowing that the home inspection went well is a huge blessing. There's a few repairs necessary and the seller was kind enough to give us seller's assistance to cover those finances. I am looking forward moving into this charming home in such a quaint little town. The house is perfect for our life right now and is roomy enough for when we start a family. It has a porch, open kitchen, a master bedroom, two additional bedrooms and a basement that could potentially be finished. Michael is very pleased with it too, and I know that Zoe will love having the backyard to herself. 

Speaking of our bulldog child Zoe, she is a little over three months old now and ways nearly twelve pounds! For a stubborn puppy Zoe is doing impressively well with going potty outside and not biting our hands/feet as much. I honestly can't imagine our life without this diva dog, and the way she pretends she's so independent when in reality she is a baby who needs our love and affection. Of course there are times when she misbehaves and drives us bananas but, her cuteness and unique personality make Michael and I so happy, and we're always anticipating what hysterical thing she'll do next. I'm probably borderline crazy about my puppy, and I'm okay with that! 

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