Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer goals

As the temperature begins to warm up, I feel like this is the best opportunity to chart out realistic yet challenging goals to keep me grounded and motivated throughout this summer; and hopefully for the months long after. This list is in no particular order of least to great or vice versa, it’s really what popped into my head first!

One: be others focused and get out of my comfort zone

Pray for my family and friends daily, write cards even if it’s just a “thinking of you” card and place the needs of others before my own. As an introvert, I find much more comfort in being home and doing my own thing. I don’t think enjoying alone time is wrong, but it does limit my being a witness to others. Since I’m also challenged with social anxiety, as I get older, I am more aware that my anxiety and fear of social situations is fueled by the very more time I spend alone. Comfort is great! But in order to be others focused, I need to be less concerned about my own personal comfort.

Two: treat this blog as if t’s my job

Put more effort into it and be consistent with the content, learn HTML and how to customize my own template and dedicate more time to write and submit entries throughout the week.

Three: be a better wife

Pray for Michael daily, respect him always, encourage him through scripture and notes and cards, support his decisions, make him laugh, be reassuring and praise him for his efforts.

Four: be a better photographer

Get back into the habit of taking pictures with my camera rather than my phone. Focus on improving any skill that needs brushing up on. Also to get in the habit of documenting our marriage, meals, adventures and the like. All through the lens of my Canon, Evan.

Five: paint, decorate and personalize our home; in other words, nest!

It blessed me when Michael and I were handed the keys to our charming 1920s home. It’s situated in a quaint town called Zelienople. The house in of itself is in great condition considering the age. But like most homes it needs TLC, and we are so excited to provide it with lots of tender, love and care. My first project would be painting the crimson red master bedroom a peaceful and soothing color. Then To figure out where the furniture should be placed and deciding on other color schemes. You know, just the aesthetics. Michael has plans to fix the fence, do some wiring in the garage and other minor fixes. It'll certainly keep us busy. Something about owning a home makes it all so much more worth it.  Since I'm writing this before we actually tackle any of these projects, I know that I will need to read this list again and again to remind me to stay on track!

Six: become stronger  

"and this is my prayer: that your may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.."
Proverbs 2:9

For my spirituality, I want to grow in wisdom and discernment by spending more time in God’s word. I also plan to keep a prayer journal.

Physically: Michael and I decided to do one of Fitness Blender’s 8-week fat loss programs. I’ve been doing their workouts for a couple of years now and they’ve helped improve my range of motion after my bi-lateral hip replacement surgery. My endurance has increased as a result. They aren’t easy workouts and committing to two months of a consistent exercise regimen is an awesome way for me to improve my overall physical strength. Neither of us wants to lose weight but instead we want to strengthen our bodies and improve our mood by exercising together, which will ultimately enhance our mental health as well. Because a couple who sweats together stays together, am I right?

Seven: read more

In my humble opinion, reading is a much better pass time than browsing the internet and it also stimulates my inspiration.

This is all I got for you today my dears, until next time,


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