Thursday, October 23, 2014

19 weeks; almost half way there!

I don’t know if it’s just me but October seems to be flying by at rapid speed! The leaves have already fallen in our yard and I've whipped up plenty of pumpkin flavored treats. Not only is this season moving at a fast pace, but so is our little baby! Our baby is now 19 weeks old and one day today; which means in less than a week, I will be half way through my pregnancy and I’ll also have my anatomy ultra sound that day. That’s the visit we’ll hopefully find out our baby’s gender! I am beyond excited to call my baby HE or SHE rather than “the baby” or “he/she” all the time. As far as preference Michael and I want a girl since my sister just had a boy, but both think we’re going to have a boy and that’s perfectly okay too! We actually want a boy too; we’ll be happy with whatever the Lord provides us with and I pray that the baby is just healthy!

Early on in my pregnancy we started sharing names that we liked and just recently came to agreement on our favorites. Name choosing wasn't much of ordeal for Michael and I; our list was small and we were open and honest with each other’s choices. We settled on a girl name and two boy names we both loved. I won’t share the names we love just yet though! I want to save that for next week’s post when we officially announce what we’re having. You’ll be sure to see our simple but cute message next Wednesday night or Thursday morning; I promise.

To end this short and sweet, I filled out a little questionnaire to keep you all updated on the happenings of my pregnancy…

How far along? 19 weeks and 1 day.

Total weight gain/loss? I am not sure how much weight I am at the moment; we don’t own a scale. But, I had gradually gained 12 pounds for my last appointment in September; I'm sure I gained more since then!

Maternity clothes? I have two pairs of maternity jeans; one of which is too big at the moment but the skinny jeans are so comfortable! I have a pair of knit shorts and denim shorts I got on destination maternity for the cruise; both still too big… Ah maybe they’ll fit in two weeks?  I recently bought a tank top and long sleeved striped shirt from target that fit nicely! But for the most part I wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, leggings and sweatpants at home.

Stretch marks? Not yet. I've been applying coconut oil with lotion every time I get out of the shower. I am not sure if it’ll do much for stretch marks, but it’s definitely making my skin soft and moisturized.

Sleep? Eh mostly in the afternoon. I am starting to have trouble getting comfortable because I’m having a hard time getting used to sleeping on my left side. I wish could sleep on my stomach...

Best moment this week? Eating delicious bison burgers with Michael last night! I am excited for the leftovers tonight.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach.  Haha! I also miss doing certain exercises and having a glass of white wine every once in a while. *Single tear*

? I feel small movements at night; I am sure the movement will increase in the next couple of weeks and I certainly look forward to that! 

Food cravings
? Popcorn, meat, peanut butter, seltzer and cranberry juice and chocolate. 

Anything making you queasy or sick
? I seem to still have a love/hate relationship with coffee. While I don’t drink as much as I used to, I still have one cup in the morning. The only time I can drink coffee is when it’s a little sweet with more milk than usual (lattes are great!); otherwise black/really strong coffee disgusts me. :/

Have you started to show yet
? I’d say so! Sometimes I still feel like I have a prosthetic fat belly; like in the Santa Clause movie. It’s so weird but I love knowing that there’s a baby growing inside of me and I’m prepared for whatever changes that happen in my body.

? We won’t know until next Wednesday! Yay!

Labor Signs
? No! 

Belly Button in or out
? It’s in. When does it change? I’m a little scared of the evolution of my pregnant belly button. 

Wedding rings on or off
? It’s still on and a little loose as usual.

Happy or Moody most of the time
? Happy for the most part! Unless I’m hungry or tired then run J/K.

Looking forward to?
 Our ultra sound and midwife appointment next week! I am looking forward to not only finding out the gender but also seeing what baby Wolski is up to!

That’s all for now!

xo Jessica

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