Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's a...

Today was my anatomy ultrasound. Michael and I got to see the baby's little hands, feet, legs, toes, heart, nose, lips, hips, stomach and soon enough we got to find out what we were having! The technician asked us if we wanted to be surprised or if we wanted know; I excitedly said we wanted to know!! (I gotta admit I think it's SO cool and exciting when I hear stories about couples who wait until their baby's born; such patience and perseverance! My goodness too bad we're not like that.) And just like that she said...

You're having a little girl! Our girl is looking healthy and she's quite active which is expected. Her heartbeat is still above 150 per minute and she's measuring just where she should be. I did gain more weight but my midwife said that my weight gain has been gradual and I'm doing well considering I'm halfway through my pregnancy; which is awesome to think about! Oh and her name is Lydia Renée; a name Michael and I both came up with together. We both love the name Lydia because it's elegant and is inspired by Lydia a woman of God, who sold purple dye in the book of Acts; I loved reading about her because she showed such hospitality towards Paul and his companions. Renée means reborn or born-again and we thought it flowed nicely with Lydia. 

Michael is over the moon right now because he wanted a girl since the beginning. He's already talking about doing father daughter things with her, protecting her and tormenting her future boyfriends. Zoe seems happy too. I'm excited too because I am having a daughter and hope we cultivate a bond much like my sister and I have with our mom. My sister Aria's happy because DJ will have someone to protect and of course she will have a little girl to style. The best part of it all though is that Lydia is healthy and we have God to thank for that!

Until next time,

xo Jessica

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