Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn faves

Hi, I'm one of those rare but existent beings who love when the weather cools down... I'm happy to say, "SEE YA" to uncomfortably hot weather and "heeeellooo!" to pumpkin spiced, cozy and of course all the pretty leaves that fall.

Just for fun here is a little list of my favorite things in autumn...

The Minnetonka's fringe boots Michael got me for my birthday. They are perfect for this time of year :)
1) chunky sweaters, boots and scarves. I may be the rare person who prefers autumn over summer but I am also the person who hates being cold, and needs to keep warm! Because autumn is both sunny and chilly, it is the perfect opportunity to break out my favorite uniform: a chunky sweater, jeans/leggings and boots. Maybe I'll even throw on a scarf if the weather decides to be extra breezy! It's all good as long as I'm warm.

creamy acorn squash penne with red caramelized onions with new bowls!
2) pumpkin and winter squash. I love winter squashes. They are so versatile and delectable made into sauces for pasta, roasted and cubed for a festive pizza topping, pureed and used in curries, soups and desserts... The applications are endless and don't get me started on how many varieties there are! (My favorites of the moment are kabocha, acorn and butternut.) Winter squashes are also high in beta-carotene and vitamin A; great for eyes and our overall immune system.  A couple weeks ago in our CSA bag we got acorn squash and today we're receiving butternut squash which I can't wait to roast! About a month ago I bought two big cans of pumpkin puree (which I hear isn't entirely pumpkin, but a mix of winter squashes!) and I have made pumpkin cupcakes, donuts, vegetarian chili and a delicious pumpkin pie inspired oatmeal. Next I want to try pumpkin/winter squash cookies, waffles and of course pumpkin pie for this upcoming Thanksgiving!

A major TBT of my sister, cousins and I on Thanksgiving when my grandparents lived in Brookyln. I couldn't resist!
3) it's an excuse to spend more time with family! I feel like it's so much easier to spend time with family in the fall because people tend to be busier in the summertime. Last week my sister Aria, her husband David and baby DJ came over for a long weekend, and we were able to enjoy a fall festival in our town. Autumn also kick starts the holidays with Halloween, then a few weeks later comes Thanksgiving which is my ultimate favorite holiday (next to Christmas of course) because it's all about being with family, reflecting on your gratitude towards them and of course cooking and eating delicious food.

one of my favorite fall treats: german apple cake kissed with cinnamon, ginger and cardamom.
4) it's also an excuse to eat sweets! It's not like I didn't eat sweets in the summertime, 'cause I made my share of ice creams and even baked cookies! But to me baking in the autumn is more practical and comforting. Some of the warmest spices are favored in this time of year too; such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger. I am also looking forward to eating some of the extra pieces of candy that stick around once Halloween is over... I don't eat a lot of candy now but it's fun to think about how much candy I ate as a kid during Halloween time. Dots, Almond Joys, Peanut M&Ms and Reeses were my candies of choice. ; )

our backdrop on our wedding day in Princeton, New Jersey
5) autumn is the season we got married! Michael and I will celebrate our first year of marriage together on November 2nd. Looking back at our wedding day the weather was in the 70s, sunny and filled with red and orange-y leafed trees. Getting married to Michael was the highlight of the season for me, and I am looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with my love!

That's all I can think of at the moment!

Until next time,
xo Jessica

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