Friday, October 10, 2014

week 17

I’m three weeks into my second trimester, 17 weeks and 1 day to be exact and all I can say is that I feel extremely blessed that I've made it this far! In this trimester I almost feel normal again. I say almost because I’m getting bigger week by week! It’s great that my pregnancy is out in the open because people no longer need to wonder if I’m pregnant or just getting fatter! On the bright side of things my energy is back, and I’m able to survive through daily exercises without panting and taking multiple breaks. While I still enjoy daily relaxation, I am happy to say that I can function just fine without taking multiple naps throughout the day.

Speaking of lack of energy and exercise in the first trimester, I tried to continue my pre pregnancy routine in the beginning which consisted of HIIT twice a week, strength training twice a week and a day of pilates/low impact cardio. Notice how I said I tried to do my pre pregnancy routine? Strength training and low impact exercises were not my problem, it was the strenuous HIIT routines that made me feel so out of shape! I hate to admit it but, I had the hardest time accepting that my newly pregnant body could not keep up with HIIT and that I needed to reconsider my exercise regimen. I eventually learned that in pregnancy my heart rate was higher and being hard on myself wasn’t going to get me far. I decided to accept the changes in my body, and gave prenatal cardio exercises a chance and soon enough I became hooked. The prenatal exercises are much easier on the joints, safer for the baby and can still be just as challenging which was a huge relief!

Now that I am in my second trimester my exercising routine focuses on moderate weight training, lots of pilates and barre and low impact cardio. Since I’m taking a break from HIIT, I can’t seem to get enough of Jessica Smith TV's power walk and dance routines which are a combination of Zumba and ballet movements; they get a good sweat going and they’re so much fun. My sister loaned me Joy Southworth’s Body byTrimester DVD which is 3 separate discs for each trimester; all her exercises involve circuit training and are a little plyometric as well. And for my birthday she got me Fit & Sleek: Prenatal Physique by Leah Sarago who also does the Ballet Body Series. In her DVD she features six 15-minute exercises and they’re quite challenging! I’ll eventually have to go into further detail about my journey exercising through pregnancy and I am looking forward to how it’ll benefit the baby’s delivery.

As for my diet, I’ve been eating the same old things as before I got pregnant but that wasn't the case in the beginning. In the early weeks of my pregnancy, I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee or enjoy eating salads or anything that I baked. While I wasn’t suffering morning sickness, I suffered aversions of my once favorite foods!  All I wanted was turkey bacon, toast and burgers; but towards the end of my first trimester my old favorites were making their way back into my tummy. Although I haven’t completely given up coffee, I am drinking much less than I used to before I became pregnant. I have one cup in the morning with breakfast and never seem to finish the entire cup, I guess I’ve lose interest in it after a few sips? It’s weird because I have to have it but can’t have all of it, so I guess that’s good right? I don’t know… maybe I should only make half a cup.

Anyway, this is my 17 week update! There will be plenty more updates to come and perhaps a recipe or two in the near future :)

God bless,


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