Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lydia Renee's One Month Update :)

Last Friday, Lydia hit her one month mark! I’m amazed by how much she has changed these last five weeks and am falling more in love with her each day. She’s at an age where she still needs lots of cuddles and loves being held but she is also starting to become more independent. I can tell by her wide eyed look that she loves to sit up when she’s on my lap looking around the room, and viewing the close by surroundings. She's also beginning to give us a little smile! When she begins to doze off, I sometimes will put her in the swing which eases her into a short nap. This week she has been taking a 45 minute to an hour nap after breakfast time and then she will stay awake for a couple of hours before dozing off again. She takes her long three hour nap at around 2pm. While she naps I can eat (although I've mastered the art of eating while holding a baby!), clean, shower, prep meals and finally exercise! 

I am still exclusively breastfeeding and it's honestly a physically demanding job but it's also been such a rewarding experience because Lydia now weighs 10 lbs and 2 oz. is now 21 3/4 inches tall! She doesn't sleep through the night quite yet, and I don't know if she will anytime soon, I'm just happy she's able to fall asleep on her own! She wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse; I usually change her diaper before nursing her so she's nice and sleepy when I put her in the bassinet. She had 2 nights where she slept a four hour stretch and that was just wonderful. Her pediatrician told us that her sleeping schedule might change as she gets a little older and we may even be able to look forward to six hour sleep stretches; praise Jesus!!   

I took these pictures of my beautiful girl with my parents during their visit with us. My parents staying with us helped tremendously! They helped with groceries and my mom made delicious meals for us but most importantly they got to spend time with their first granddaughter. I started to pump and Lydia took the bottle without fussing so, Michael and I took advantage of having my parents over to go on a little date. We got dinner at a restaurant called Bonnie & Clyde's which was gangster themed and shared mussels, and split both a steak and fish sandwich. It was really nice to get out of the house and spend alone time with Michael! Sadly my parents are back home in Jersey and we won't see them til mid-May but until then I'll just have to send them lots of pictures of this little cutie:

And that's our Lydia in one month.

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