Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Little List

I tend to create little mental lists in my head while showering or lying in bed. I know I should write these lists down but 99% of the time they never wind up on paper or in this case my blog. And now that I’m a new mama, the whole “mommy brain” phenomenon makes sense! It’s like my brain doesn't care how young I am, it just knows that I've become a mommy and now destined to forget what the heck I’m doing at any given time. Ever have a mission to do something and once you enter that room you forget what you’re doing? That’s become the story of my life. 

Anyway, let’s get back on topic… I need to write these little lists down. They are little thoughts that resonate in my brain and are quite important to me. So here’s my little list of the moment and perhaps by physically reading this it will help me accomplish rather than forget.

1. Read books, articles and short stories that impact, influence and inspire me!
I am so overdue for a good read…Got any suggestions?

2. Organize more day trips and dates.
Because we’re parents now, it’s been harder to go on spontaneous adventures together as a couple and that’s why I want us to organize dates for us to keep things fun and exciting.

3. Get business cards.
To help bring awareness to my private chef, catering and potentially fitness instructing business!

4. Challenge myself more in the kitchen!
I want to master baking a pie this summer… I don’t mean a semi homemade pie. I mean a real pie with scrumptiously flaky pastry made from scratch! I also want to make lobster and a vibrant paella with squid, mussels and clams… Deeelicious.

5. Host a party just ‘cause!
Michael and I will be living in our home for a year next month. Boy does time fly! I have this idea of us hosting our first get together by celebrating our home ownership with friends and family. It'll not only be a good time of fellowship but a valid reason for us to buy a grill, and an opportunity for me to make pretty food too!

6. Reestablish photography as a hobby. 
I miss this. A lot. I need to start making time for taking pictures, editing and sharing just like the good 'ole days!

7. And lastly, become certified as a fitness instructor (preferably Pilates and Barre!) and teach classes.
I can’t tell you how many times I've daydreamed of teaching a fitness class while I exercised. I suppose you could say fitness has been a hidden passion of mine for the past five years and much like cooking healthfully, I want to share this passion with others! I want to get certified for me, too. I think of myself as a strong woman on the inside but on the outside, I know I’m shy and one of those people who never puts herself out there enough. I guess I've struggled with social anxiety most of my teenage and now adult life. But you know what? I am genuinely tired of living up to that expectation and actually teaching classes would be out of character for me. I want to set an example to Lydia by not letting fear hinder my life.  I pray that she will be a little go-getter just like her daddy!

After overcoming avascular necrosis, getting my hips replaced and regaining strength, I feel this is my season to get certified in fitness. I hope to use it to glorify God, link it with my cooking business and of course help others become healthier!

And that’s my little list.

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  1. Good reads (i.e. 'Things I've read in the past year that I thought were pretty good'):

    Adopted for Life, Russell Moore

    The World Tilting Gospel, Dan Phillips

    God's Wisdom in Proverbs, Dan Phillips

    Shepherding a Child's Heart, Tedd Tripp

    The 400 Silent Years, H.A. Ironside

    Scripture Alone, James White

    The Potter's Freedom, James White

    Crazy Busy, Kevin DeYoung

    The Sovereignty of God, A.W. Pink

    A History of Strategy from Sun Tzu to William S Lind, Martin Van Creveld

    I have some of these on my shelf, if you want to borrow instead of buy. :-)