Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A long overdue Lydia update

A few months have passed since I've last written a post about Lydia and I apologize for not doing so sooner! I guess I've been pretty wrapped up in this new chapter in my life as mama, and I've been putting blogging on the back-burner, yet again. Oops! Since I've last posted a lot has happened too. Lydia's almost nine months old and that means she will be the same number of months as I carried her in my womb; which feels so long ago! 

In my previous post about Lydia, she was barely sitting up and now, get this, she is starting to cruise! But let's rewind a bit, shall we? At six months, I remember being worried because Lydia wasn't sitting up on her own, and would only sit up if I sat her down myself and once she tipped over she was stuck on her belly which frustrated her. She even started to army crawl before sitting up on her own; though once she finally sat up on her own, she started crawling on all fours and that quickly turned into speed crawling which was began her journey to get into all sorts of things...

Fortunately we were prepared and had the baby gates installed shortly after she began army crawling! 

A little before she turned eight months she was starting to stand up with support and later began to pull herself up with the help of furniture, and now she as she is veering closer to nine months she is using furniture to cruise! As she gets more mobile, she is also becoming more independent in how she eats and prefers to eat finger foods over purees now. Her favorites include my homemade waffles, guacamole with chips, daddy's oven roasted buffalo chicken wings, puffs and pieces of beef! She likes to self-feed by using her pincer grasp or by using reusable squeeze bags. It's funny because she doesn't have teeth yet and that doesn't stop her from gumming these foods down! I am still exclusively breastfeeding her, everything is still going wonderfully, and we both couldn’t be happier!  She’s sleeping well through the night, and usually takes a long nap in the early afternoon and shorter one after dinnertime. 

Her personality is coming through more and more now too. She is independent and enjoys playing by herself yet she loves to cuddle with one of us when she's sleepy. She can be a little shy when she is around new people and seems to enjoy people watching. I should also add that she has a temper and is known to putting up a fight when things are taken away from her or during diaper changes. Boy does this little chub test my patience but at the end of the day, I'm so blessed by her and love her more each day! Speaking of love, Lydia loves her dad, and is definitely a daddy’s girl because as soon as he comes home I no longer exist, unless she wants to nurse of course. But I adore that she and Michael share such a special bond! 

And that's what Lydia's been up to lately! Until next time my loves,

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