Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Reasons Why I Exercise!


For a little while now I have been wanting to have a regular feature on my blog that focuses on fitness and health. The last post I shared that was fitness related was back when I was pregnant with Lydia! I thought it would be fun to kick start this feature by listing the reasons why I exercise.

1. It physically and mentally helps me feel less anxious and nervous
2. It keeps my energy up which motivates me to tackle on the rest of the day
3. It makes me calm and less moody
4. It helps me feel more connected to my body
5. It is challenging and rewarding at the same time
6. It helps reduce inflammation in my joints caused by my autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis)
7. It’s fun and even relaxing at times
8. It has effectively improved my sleep habits
9. It helps me with my flexibility and balance with everyday activities which is a win because I am naturally extremely clumsy *blush* 
10. It has also improved my posture tremendously
11. And lastly it keeps me in shape and leaves room for me to indulge a bit!

And those are just some of the reasons why I exercise!

mid jump squat!

Why do you exercise? 

Next time I'll be sharing my favorite workouts of the moment! 

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