Wednesday, April 4, 2012


You’re probably wondering why I am writing a post about reading, on a blog which main focus is health and fitness; but I personally believe that having a healthy appetite for books is vital! With a generation that revolves around smart phones and reality television, there’s no wonder why people have the attention span of a peanut. I’m sorry if I am coming off as harsh but, I cannot stress the importance of picking up a book, and broadening your vocabulary every once in a while! Not only will reading enhance your vocabulary, it will also benefit in heightening your creativity as well; which this day and age seems to be lacking. Personally, I love a good book and if reading were a sport I'd an athlete reader! It’s relaxing and takes me to a happy place, but you know what else I love about reading? It's a brilliant pass time that requires the use of your imagination; which just so happens to be the foundation of my creativity and inspiration!
When people tell me, “reading just isn’t my thing” they are either reading the wrong book OR not taking the time to understand the characters from the books they've read in the past.  Because reading requires the use of imagination, you must try and pretend you’re watching these characters from a distance. If you’re like me and find yourself people watching in social environments, then you my friend are an excellent candidate for a dramatic novel.
Speaking of genres... As a new reader you should probably start by reading a genre you’re comfortable with! For example, I wouldn’t recommend a Jane Austen novel if you’re a sci-fi fanatic and vice-versa! But, I would encourage you to read numerous books of that genre, until you find what you’re looking for. I know it sounds like a lot... But just be patient my dears and allow reading to become a healthier and happier pass time for you!
Steps for Healthier and Happier Reading:
  1. Go to your local library. I know there are billions of books in this place but, don’t let a library overwhelm you and don't be afraid to ask a friendly librarian to assist you. Libraries are especially nice because books can be quite expensive. (Just remember to renew  and return your books!!)
  2. Start with a lighter read. Try something like a short story, newspaper article, or even a graphic novel. You should never see reading as homework and should only move on to the heavier, thicker and lengthier books, when you feel ready.
  3. Set a Mood. If you have a set place and time to read, you’re more likely to build a routine for yourself. I think the best atmosphere for me, is a place where nature is playing in the background; maybe for you it’s on the beach with the waves whispering, a park on a warm summer’s day, or even your bed after a very hectic day.
I know you’ll find other ways to cultivate a love for reading and I’m sure when do, your imagination will thank-you; thus, inspiration will follow.
"Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world." -Voltaire

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