Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthdays, bachelorette parties and a busy week

Hey everybody! 

I feel like I need to blog a little before things get a little hectic up in here. My sister’s wedding is in three days and I’m positive by Wednesday everything is going to feel very real, and exciting in this house. So far everything is been going pretty smooth as far as last minute projects, and my mom’s finally feeling good about the runners she’s making for the reception. I know for sure that the whole wedding is going to be a beautiful day; from start to finish and that Aria and David are going to have such a blessed marriage! Let’s rewind the Sunday which was Aria’s bachelorette party!

Sunday started off extremely relaxing. It was the day after being in the car for five hours after spending a week in Western PA with Michael and his family. Michael’s birthday was on that Saturday and we got to spend it at his parent’s camp, we went tubing, we ate sandwiches and coffee cake. Not too shabby!  Anyway a few of the bridesmaids, Aria and I went to a day spa were we received three mini treatments. I opted for the paraffin hands and feet, a bright eyes treatment and a neck/shoulder massage. My favorite was the paraffin treatment! Mainly because my hands and feet were looking pretty rough, and now they’re both extremely soft. The massage was a little painful which was expected, but it helped relieve tension in my neck that I had been suffering from these past few weeks. I can now move around my neck without any tightness!

After the spa we parted ways but only for a little while, we all went to dinner at Penang’s and had a good time. The food was incredible as was the conversations, and quality time with the girls! I felt like it was just what I needed after a long week of feeling poopy. (Honestly that's the best word I can think of!) When it came time to leave, one of the waiters asked Aria what the special occasion was and we told him it was her bachelorette dinner. One of the girls asked if he could sing to her and he said he only knew happy birthday, and a few minutes later he brought out three fried ice creams with candles and the whole crew began singing happy birthday. It was hilarious! It was the perfect way to end the night, well my night, the rest of them went to a 21+ club by the shore, and I went home to hang out with Michael for little while. 

While I was with the girls, Michael worked on our wedding invitations and we're just about ready to assemble them. I never thought I'd say this but planning my own wedding, while being my sister's maid of honor hasn't been too stressful. I think a part of it is because Aria is extremely organized and she doesn’t ask of much. I feel like I’m going about it the same way, and have only been relying on Michael to help me with most of the planning. He’s really been amazing through these past six months, and the next three months shouldn’t be any different. Who am I kidding, Michael is always amazing! ;)

Well that was a tidbit of the early festivities, I’ll be sure to post about Aria and David’s wedding day shortly after!!


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