Thursday, September 12, 2013

My little bridal shower :)


I should seriously get an award for neglecting my blogs and not tending to my writing needs! Sadly, I need to write in order to make my brain feel less cluttered and right now my brain is screaming for a release. So here goes nothing… Last post was before Aria and David’s wedding which happened so quickly and almost took place a month ago! My favorite part of their wedding was the ceremony because it was straight forward, Godly, absolutely adorable and heartfelt. It was the definition of “short and sweet” which was perfect for the setting and the people who were attending. Despite a few hiccups beforehand, people seemed to have a wonderful time dancing and getting their pictures taken in the photo booth at the reception. Michael and I danced like fools. Literally. Overall Aria and David seemed to have the time of their lives which is what really matters!

A few short weeks later my mom, aunt and sister threw me a bridal shower and it was honestly the shower of my dreams! It’s hard to explain in words how beautiful everything was put together with love and dedication, so here is a collage of the day:

The weather was perfect, not too cool and not too hot; it was sunny and temperate. Even though I knew about the shower, I was incredibly surprised by all the decorations and the personalized journal my parents created consisting of encouraging letters from important women in my life. I loved how my mom included Jane Austen's quotes to each table and a little mannequin wearing an apron because of my passion for cooking. Momma knows best! All the food was made by my aunt, grandmother and mom, traditional and delicious Puerto Rican food. For dessert there was a vegan cookies and cream cake from Whole Foods (pictured above), and of course my grandmother's flan. The gifts Michael and I received were also a nice touch ;) But my favorite part of all was seeing how happy everyone looked and the good conversation that was carried out throughout the day. Something about seeing people mingle brings such a comfort to my day!

Now that the shower is over and the wedding invitations are sent, Michael and I are focusing on finishing up other last minute details before big day. I can't believe we're getting married in less than two months! It seems like we've been talking about getting married two months into dating, needless to say, it seems like we've been engaged for over a year. When in reality it's only been a little over seven months! Heh, I mustn't be impatient though because we have our whole lifetime of being married to look forward to. And, that is something worth waiting for :)


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