Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lydia Lately {7.12.2016}

"Though she be but little, she is fierce!” -William Shakespeare 

In a few short days Lydia will be sixteen months old. Her imagination is so big, her love for her family is strong, she's independent and she finds joy in the little things,  all traits that I truly admire! Through this journey of motherhood I am constantly learning how to prioritize my time, be more present and not sweat the small stuff. Motherhood is challenging and just when I think I got everything under control something new proves me wrong, and that my friends is humbling! I'm understanding that it's impossible to be in control of everything and that some days will be more exhausting than others. Though knowing that God's in control keeps me grounded and the encouragement from friends and family who remind me that I'm doing a good work as a wife and mommy does too.

But enough about me-- here's what Lydia's been up to lately:

-she is in the 2% for weight and 7% for height but the doctor isn't concerned because Michael and I are shorties! 
-she's talking on the phone with random objects like my old credit card!
-she's waving to people a lot more now
-she is blowing kisses and giving cuddles 
-she is saying words like "hi" and "mama" in context! she is still babbling but finds ways to communicate with us through body language. 
-she's eating with utensils 
-her favorite foods are blueberries and cheese, especially the free cheese samples at whole foods!
-she is playing with her dolls and "reading" books
-she's dancing every time she hears a beat! we went to a winery and they had a band playing classic rock music and she was dancing up a storm.
-she's growing another tooth on the bottom!
-she asks us for a cookie after she's finished dinner; she points to the jar and laughs like a maniac! 
-bath time is one of her favorite pass times
-she sleeps in her crib most of the night!!! *hallelujah chorus*  
-Zoe and her have a special kind of love/hate relationship; Lydia yells at her but wants to hug her all at the same time.
-she has a strong temper and had a breakdown the other day because we took away a pen from her. she was literally in rage for 10 minutes! 
-she makes us laugh and keeps our hearts full on a daily basis :)

I love you Chubski!! 

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